Monday, September 26, 2011

Our first appt

(So I know this is a little late because I went to my first appt 3 weeks ago now.)

We went to our first OB appt when I was 10 weeks. I had Tom go with because I knew they were going to check for a heartbeat and I needed him there in case something was wrong. I was super nervous. I just wanted some proof that I was pregnant and that there was a baby in there. (No, the 7 positive pregnancy tests weren't enough "proof" to me that I was actually pregnant!)

So we get there and they go over my paperwork, and do a little talking. Then they have me gown up and they pull out the doppler. She was searching all over and couldn't find a heartbeat. She must have been trying for 10 minutes. I started to get really nervous. She said that she was going to grab the ultrasound machine really quick to determine viability. (yikes) As soon as she walked out of the room Tom turned to me and said, "Uh oh."

Thankfully as soon as they turned the machine on, a little baby blob showed up and I saw the little heart flicker. It was a huge relief. The baby was measuring a week ahead, but they kept my due date the same. The baby was also moving around which was crazy because it felt surreal that there was actually a baby moving around inside of me!

We left feeling relieved that everything was on track. And Tom promptly spilled the beans to a bunch of people! Almost everyone we see on a regular basis knows we are pregnant now. We are waiting to tell Facebook until after my appt next week. I want to hear the heartbeat and make it to 14weeks before we are out to the entire world.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

12 weeks

 Below is my 11 & 12 week bump pics. I didn't feel like there was much of a difference from last week to this week...but seeing it side-by-side I can tell a difference for sure!

11 weeks                                                                          12 weeks

Monday, September 19, 2011

Updates's been awhile. To be fair, in my last post I did say how busy I was going to be. Although I think my lack of blogging has been from tiredness/laziness. I will post my first official bump pic and my 12 week update tomorrow. (Yeah...all the way to 12 weeks now! How did that happen?!)

I guess I need to update on what we've been up to the past month... I'm going to start with how we told our families the big news.

First the story about how we told my family (except my brother, who wasn't there.) My little sister was going to come stay with us for a week so we went up there to pick her up. My mom needed to look through our wedding pictures because she hasn't ordered her pictures yet (8 months later...) So I printed off a picture of the digital test and the word "pregnant" and stuck it in the middle of the album. So her and my sister are paging through the album, commenting on the pictures and marking which ones they want to order. Finally they get to the "speical" page...

Sister,"What's that?!" --points to pic of test

Mom, "I don't know. What is that? It looks like a pregnancy test? What is that doing in here?"

* They are both in complete denial*

Mom asks again, "How did this get in there?"

Me, "I'm pregnant."


Me, "Yes, I am pregnant."

Mom, "No you're not! Are you? NO WAY! more screaming & lots of crying..."

...Needless to say that was a lot of fun and my family is excited!

So since my brother wasn't there, we made them keep it a secret so we could tell him in person. I told my brother that we were coming up to see Tom's family and I wanted to meet for lunch. So we get there and talk for a bit and order some food. After awhile I told him that I have an early birthday present for him. I pull out this... 

He grabbed the blank side first, so it took him a second to turn it around and read what it said. Once he got it he got a little smirk on his face and looked at me with tears in his eyes. I'll never forget the look on his face. My macho, 19 year old brother, tearing up when he found out he was going to be an uncle. It was great. :)

I'm not going to waste much time on the reaction we got from the in-laws, because of course it sucked and Tom's still hurt by it. Not even his mom (who we though FOR SURE would be beyond excited) seemed very un-excited. She was happy, I guess. But it was very luke-warm. Considering she only has 1 grandchild and that grandchild lives in Texas (we're in Minnesota) you would think she would be happy to have one in the same state? I don't get it. Tom's brother never said one word, Not even a fake congrats. Tom's dad asked why we didn't wait longer, and that he thought Tom was too young. (Um, he's THIRTY!) He also asked Tom if he was happy to be having a baby. Tom said, "Of course, this baby was planned--by the both of us. We wanted this." What a loser. :/

Anyway, I promise I will update more. I'm starting to feel better and I want to document my pregnancy now that I actually feel (and am starting to look! eek!) pregnant!