Tuesday, June 28, 2011

3rd time's a charm?

We're starting our 3rd cycle of TTC now. I can't believe we are starting our 3rd month already! It feels like we just started! But in any case, I still feel really hopeful about it. My body has had a couple months to regulate (and things seem to be going well) so now we can get serious about it ;)

We have been keeping busy as well. We are still working on painting the house. We've had a lot of rain every weekend and have been unable to finish. We also planted a herb garden and cut down a tree in our backyard.

We've gone to a bunch of garage sales & found some little treasures. We've also done a lot of hanging out with friends, grilling & have drank our fair share of margaritas ;) I guess it's been a pretty good summer so far! I think having the nice weather and a bunch of house projects to do have kept my mind off TTC for a bit. Hopefully we are pregnant before this winter when I have nothing better to do but worry about it! ha!

Hopefully our 3rd time will be the charm!

Friday, June 17, 2011

5 years!

5 years ago today Tom & I went on our first date! We met at a bar and he bought me a couple drinks. Then we spent the rest of the night/early morning taking a long walk and talking/getting to know each other. In no way did I think he would be the man I married, but I'm glad he was. :)

He got me a cute card & a bunch of candy. Not good for the tummy size, but it was very sweet.

Tonight we are going out to dinner and maybe a local happy hour after. It's only fitting to have a drink in a bar to celebrate, considering that's where we met. ;)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

No Bueno

Guys, TTC is not fun. I'm pretty sure we have a 1% chance of getting pregnant this month.

I can't bring myself to write about this even though I have a feeling it's really common...

So we need to figure out how to fix this problem, make TTC fun again, and move onto next month's cycle.

Not much else is new. One of our friends, who are going to be TTC in August, came over last weekend. They asked me if I would seriously be open to watching their future baby for them. We have talked about it before, in a half serious/half joking manner. Well, I know they are actually serious about it. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I guess it all depends on when we both get pregnant. I'm not sure I can handle 2 newborns at once as a first time mom. But we'll see. It's something to think about...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Feeling like a teenager

And NOT in a good way! Last month was my first month off the pill. I was prepared for all the side effects that came alone with it. Except...nothing happened. I didn't break out, I didn't gain weight, my PMS was only slightly worse, I had a perfectly normal cycle, etc etc.

HAHAHAHA. Apparently my body just needed a month to get into a groove because now that we're in month #2 my face is HORRIBLE! I feel like a teenager again! I had horrible acne when I was younger and thankfully going on the pill helped a lot. I'm using all the drug store washes but nothing is working. :( I hope this will even out soon because this is NO FUN!

I've also started gaining weight. Partly because I am starving all the time. My stomach will literally ache and grumble even after I've eaten dinner!

When I was younger, my Doctor thought I probably had PCOS. I had every single one of the symptoms. I'm worried that my first month off the pill was a fluke with my perfect, symptom-free cycle and now I'm getting into the "real" ones. I could go 3-4 months without a period, had horrible acne, was overweight, excess hair (omg yes I admit it!) I was really hopeful after last month...but now, not so much. :(

Anyway...any ideas on how to get my body back into control?! YIKES!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Smurf Blue

Our house is now painted "smurf blue."Ha! ;) We got the majority of the house painted this weekend. We still have all the little detail/touch up work to do. The paint was a little brighter than we thought it would be, but it's MUCH better than the nasty grey the house was before. Let me tell you, painting a house is A LOT of work. Our next house better have maintence-free siding!

We went to a couple garage sales last Saturday. I bought a wood rocking chair. It was only $15 and in really good condition. I told Tom that I needed it to rock our baby to sleep...and he agreed...even though I'm NOT pregnant yet. So the chair is sitting in our guest room for now.

Not much else is new. I need to get back into working out because I have really slacked since the wedding. And recently I've been letting TTC get in the way. I tell myself "why bother when I could be pregnant anyway?" OBVIOUSLY that is not the right way to think because what if it takes us awhile? I can't skip working out for months and months. Plus I know pregnancy will be easier on my body if I'm in shape BEFORE. blah blah blah. I just don't like working out and I need to suck it up and stop with the excuses. :(

Friday, June 3, 2011

Jessica Graduated!

My youngest sister graduated last weekend. I'm really happy that she made it. There were times when we all thought she wouldn't make it so I'm proud that she got her diploma. My mom officially has all of her children grown up now. (although not all have left the "nest") Below are some pics from last Saturday.

My brother, sister, & me
                                                   Jessica & Rex

                                                    The husband & Jessica

                                           Jessica & Miss Emma

This weekend my brother is coming down and we are going to paint the house & the garage. The paint on our house is so old & faded, it's about time for a paint job! The house is a blue/grey right now because it's so faded. We picked a new blue and it looks so bright--but I'm hoping that's just because I'm so used to faded paint. Either way, we have 10 gallons of the bright blue that we need to use so I hope my neighbors are ready for a bright, cheery house! Ha! ;)