Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Single for the weekend!

The bf is gone camping/fishing until Monday night. I kinda wish I would have gone, but oh well. It always ends up being so cold and rainy on Memorial weekend. (and watch, this year since I didn't go, it will be sunny and warm!) Last year it was so freaking cold I wanted to leave the first night. In a tent when it's in the 30's? Um, no thanks!

So I am boyfriend-free for the next 5 days. I wish we had our house already, that way I could be busy painting and decorating! Using my long weekend to pack & clean the apartment just doesn't sound as fun... and I'm broke so I can't even go buy fun things for the new place yet! Boo! :(

I guess I'll just have to use my free time to exercise and play with Rex. Yawn.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I've had a lot of changes going on lately.... So, first matter of business is a new picture of my puppy, Rex.

He's adapting pretty well. He's starting to get a hang of this potty training business too. He is so cuddly, everyone has fallen in love with him. :)

Second, Exactly a week ago today my bf and I BOUGHT OUR FIRST HOUSE!!!!!

We put the offer in last Tuesday and they accepted right away! We had the home inspection yesterday. There were a couple things that needed fixing, but nothing was a major problem. And the sellers agreed to fix everything we needed before closing anyway! Closing is scheduled for June 25th. I'm excited!

Here she is!

It's a 3 bedroom/2 bath. It needs a lot of cosmetic updates. But the "bones" are good. And it has a huge yard, and original (1950's) hardwood floors. Time to get packing! :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I have wanted a puppy for a long time now. At least a year? But our apartment building didn't allow them. Well, last Tuesday we got a note saying they allow dogs now!! (They have to be small)

We are in the process of buying our first home, and hope to find one and close by the end of the summer. So I could either wait until we bought a house and get whatever puppy I want, whatever size I want...OR get a small one NOW.

Guess what I picked?!!?

I searched online thru every puppy up for adoption at every local shelter, and in the newspaper. I found the perfect little "Cavapoo." His mom is a mini-poodle and dad is a King Charles Spaniel. Both parents are between 13-14 pounds. And this little guy is the runt of the litter, at only 3.5 pounds at 12 weeks old! His brother and sister are both 10 pounds already! He is going to stay very small. Maybe 6 pounds the vet guessed?

We went and got him on Thursday night. He is doing pretty well so far. He only wakes up around 2am to whine in his box. But I ignore him and he goes back to sleep after a few minutes. We're in the very beginning of potty training though. Although, he does this thing where he spins around in circles right before he pees, so we watch for that and have usually been able to move him to his puppy pad when he starts spinning!

He is sooooo lovey. He loves to be held and isn't afraid of strange people or the cats! (The cats however, are not a fan of him. Haha.) I tried to get him to walk on a leash today...that wasn't happening. Oh well, he's still pretty scared. He needs some more time to get used to living here first.

So.... Here is my little man, Rex!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So I'm watching the Biggest Loser right now. These people just completed a marathon!! That's incredible! I'm too chicken to even run a 5K, let alone a freaking marathon! It's inspiring. :)

I'm also proud of my little sister. She is 16 and very overweight. She has started cutting out some junk from her diet and started walking most nights. And she lost 7 pounds in a month! That's amazing! And most of all, she sounded so happy and proud of herself! It made me so happy to hear her so full of hope. So she asked me for some tips and I told her to just keep going. It's going to be hard sometimes, but it's so worth it in the end!

I hope she sticks with it.

P.S. I had fun at the zoo yesterday. More on that later.

Monday, May 4, 2009

It's My Birthday!

...and I'll eat ice cream if I want to!!!

I'm 24 today! I'm still young enough that I still really enjoy my birthdays. (That might change next year...Haha) It's a beautiful day today, partly sunny and about 70 degrees! I took a vacation day from work and Tom gets off work around noon. Then we are going out to lunch (dessert included-of course!) and then we're off to the zoo/conservatory for the rest of the afternoon.

The boy did pretty good with the presents. He knew I've wanted this print for awhile now. Except all the World Markets in MN went out of business last winter. So I was pretty bummed that I wouldn't have that beauty above my couch. Well, turns out he snagged it months ago! :) I also got a glass hummingbird feeder for my deck.

On Saturday we went to a local winery to "pre-celebrate" my birthday since they aren't open on Mondays. It was a small winery, but we still had fun. We would both LOVE to go out to California and check out what they have to offer though! Someday...

Here are some of the grape vines. The U of MN made this variety because they can withstand the harsh winters here.

Here is a shot of inside the store. One of the beauties on the far right came home with us. It's a raspberry wine and we are saving it for our first night in our first home! (Whenever that happens!)

After that we went to the local animal shelter. Tom doesn't like taking me there because I want to take at least 2 or 3 animals home every time. But since it was my birthday weekend, he agreed. :) And there just happened to be a giant inflatable cat out front! :)

Now it's time for the rest of my lazy morning before I'm off for some more birthday fun!