Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One Love--Party

 After dinner we headed down to the party. The resort had a band & some dancing for New Years Eve. This is the part of the day that really went downhill & I'm really sad about. Not a lot of our guests stuck around. And the few that did didn't really dance a lot. It's also where all the emotion & stress of the day caught up to me and I got to my breaking point with Tom's family. I'm not going to get into that again, and in fact, I've started pushing these memories out of my mind because thinking about it makes me mad/sad. This is also where it hit me that it was already over. This was the end of my wedding. The day I thought about my entire life and the day I took an entire year to was all over just like that. 

I think one of the funniest things that happened was Tom pretended he was going to throw me in the pool and some random resort guest freaked out and told him to stop it because he couldn't ruin my dress. (If only she knew I was going to be doing just that the following morning!) But I was hot so I decided to at least put my legs in the water. It felt soooo good.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One Love--Dinner

After we took our pictures it was time for dinner. The resort seated us & gave us a sweetheart table. I actually didn't like this. We weren't seated with any of our guests and it was hard to be in the conversation with them. We were right next to them, but it was still weird. I would have preferred a big table with everyone together. I have the rest of my life to have a private dinner with my husband. That day, I wanted to be in on the action with everyone else! 

When we first sat down I knocked over my wine glass and broke it. Oops. I guess we had some negative energy or bad luck around us. (Although, I already know what the negative energy was *cough*in-laws*cough*) The dinner also went pretty fast. 

Then is was time for the (tiny) cake. We didn't really have a plan on how to cut it, we just dug in! And when we went to feed each other a piece the server stopped us and told us we had to do it the "Jamaican" way. Instead of feeding it to each other with our hands, Tom had to stick a piece of it into his mouth and I had to eat it that way, a la Lady & the Tramp spaghetti style. Ha! 


After we cut our little piece they took the cake back to serve it. Except they didn't bring Tom & I a piece! They served everyone else except us. I loooove my sweets so I was a little sad I didn't get any. But my sister wasn't feeling well and left at this point so I stole her piece. We had a little toast and we sat around for a little bit and then it was time to leave. We had some guests from a different resort that needed to catch their taxi & everyone else wanted to change out of their fancy clothes. 

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Friday, March 11, 2011

One Love--Family Photos

I'll keep this one short. I'm sure our family photos aren't that interesting, ha! ;)

Right after the ceremony we jumped into taking pictures. Time was a little rushed because we had dinner reservations at 6pm. The wedding planner made it for us and didn't ask what time we wanted. I wish it was a little later because I don't feel like we had a lot of time between the ceremony and dinner. It was also hard to get everyone to stick around. I remember some people leaving and going to get food or a drink when we were trying to take pictures. But one of my favorite pictures of the day is the one of me and my grandma. And I had no pictures of Tom with his parents so I'm glad we finally have some!

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Friday, March 4, 2011

One Love--Ceremony

 As the music played my little brother walked me down the aisle. (I've never met my dad & I only have one brother so I knew right away he would be the one to walk me down the aisle.) I remember talking to my brother saying, "I'm so nervous! But I guess I should smile so I look happy? Right?!" I don't remember a lot during this time. Once I got close enough to see Tom I kept my eyes locked on him the rest of the time. 



Our ceremony was really short. We had readings and our own vows picked out but somehow they didn't make it to the minister. Oh well. At the end of it, we were still married and that's what counts! We had the standard, traditional vows. The minister gave a nice speech about keeping a marriage strong, and staying faithful. And to tell you the truth I don't remember a lot else! I remember staring into Tom's eyes and looking at the ocean behind him trying to tell myself to soak it all in. It was surreal. (It was also VERY windy as you can see in the pictures!!)

 Before I knew it we were MARRIED! Our first kiss as husband and wife!

 And just like that (literally, the whole ceremony was only 15mins, tops!) we were married. A lot of past brides told me what a blur their ceremonies were. And they weren't joking! I do remember being glad it was a short ceremony though, since I got so nervous all of a sudden. While I don't remember much of what the minister said, I do remember looking into Tom's eyes & the beautiful ocean behind us while we said our vows. I'm glad that stuck with me. :)

Up next, family picture time!