Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One Love--Getting Ready

The first thing I did when I woke up on my wedding day was run to the window to see if it was raining. It had rained & was cold the entire 3 days prior. I didn't come to Jamaica to get married in the cold rain. I came to get married in the SUN! Thankfully, it was nice and sunny!

I spent the first half of the day on the beach with everyone. Just trying to relax and soak everything in. Before I knew it it was time to get a shower and go to my hair appointment. At this point, it was noon and I didn't eat anything yet. (Just not hungry! Too many nerves!) I made my sister go get me a glass of wine & some cucumbers. This ended up being all I ate until dinner that night! Ha! 

My sister, my mom, & I went to the salon and got our hair done. This is where I got REALLY nervous. I'm not going to lie, I was wondering if I was doing the right thing in getting married. I was FREAKING out. The time there flew by and before I knew it the time was already after 3:30 and I was supposed to get married at 4! We quickly ran to my room. 


I was running around like a crazy person! I was running so late! My photographer kept telling me to calm down because they "won't start the wedding without you!" I didn't get a lot of the pretty shots of my dress because I threw it on the bed and starting getting dressed right away. I didn't even have time to steam it! (It had been in a garment bag for 5 days ever since we left MN!) But alas, it looked perfect! Not wrinkled at all! Not bad for being smashed into an overhead bin on the plane! ;)

Once I was dressed we ran down to the beach, all I could think about was how late I was! Once I saw my grandma, I burst into tears. She told me how beautiful I was and everything hit me like a ton of bricks---I was getting MARRIED RIGHT NOW. They all took their seats and it was just me and my brother waiting on my song to start (At Last by: Ella Fitzgerald) One that song started everything became a blur...

Up next, the ceremony!

Friday, February 18, 2011

First Married V-Day

I know, I'm such a slacker for not having any Jamaica/wedding posts done yet. Soon, I promise! But first I wanted to blog about our first Valentine's day as husband & wife. (So years & years down the road I can come back and remember it!) I will admit I am a sucker and LOVE Valentine's day. I don't think it is a "fake" holiday. I really enjoy it. :)

The day went pretty well. As you can see from above, I got a dozen red roses and a dozen chocolate covered strawberries at work. Then for dinner Tom made us lobster tails, red potatoes, and green beans. It was very good. Then we spent the rest of the night watching tv together. It was a perfect evening. I have no idea what our future Valentine's days will look like, but this first one was very special and one I will treasure forever. It's a lot of fun being a newlywed! Haha.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Cali Update

My husband isn't in California right now. At the last minute, they put the project "on hold" which means everything is up in the air right now and we don't really know what is going to happen. They found out it is going to be a minimum of 3-4 months though. And I think if they ask him to go again he will have to say no. 4 months away from home is too much. It's not his dream job so it's not like he wants to stay there forever anyway. He's gotten a couple interviews recently so we're holding out hope something will happen with one of these other jobs.

I also got my disk of our professional wedding pictures last night. Time to do some wedding posts! Yay! :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Long-Distance Marriage

My husband & I have been married for 1 month, 3 days as of today. And today his boss asked him to go to California for 1-2 months (possibly longer.) Oh yeah, and they want him to leave early next week.

I really don't want him to go. Obviously I know military wives have it a million times worse and I'm sorry for that. But when it comes down to it, nobody wants to be away from their spouse for a long period of time. After only a month of marriage we might suddenly become a long-distance couple. It sucks.

Not only will it suck having my husband gone for 2 months but I will take on the responsibility of the house all by myself. And living in MN, we have gotten a TON of snow this year...and we have a big driveway. Which means I would have to shovel every time it snows. (our snow blower broke last week. Go figure.) And if anything goes wrong in the house, it's up to me to fix it. Can I just say that if I was single I would be renting! I don't like the maintenance that goes along with a house. It's kinda pathetic but Tom handles all of that for me.

I don't want to be apart for that long... :( Tom will know more tomorrow. Hopefully they find a way around him having to go for that long!