Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last day of November

Today is November 30th. Tomorrow officially marks the first  day of DECEMBER--my wedding month! How crazy is that?! I can't believe how fast this year has gone! And the closer it gets, the faster time goes! I only have 3.5 weeks of work left until my vacation starts! Woot!

I'm starting to get the vacation bug. Where it's getting harder and harder to focus at work...and I have a million little things to do before we leave and I'm trying to cram it all into the few weekends we have left. Plus Christmas is coming! December is going to be CRAZY!

We aren't going home for Christmas this year since we leave 3 days later and then will be spending an entire week with our families...but we did go home for Thanksgiving. That was horrible... It started out fine. We had dinner at my mom's and then we all went to bed at 10pm and were all up by 2am to have some coffee and head into walmart for some Black Friday shopping!! There were 5 of us total and thankfully we had a 24hr walmart so we got to wait inside because it was 5 degrees outside!! Anyway, we got a few t.v's and my brother & sister got a camera for the trip. It was actually really fun and not nearly as bad as people make it out to be! It's so exciting getting a good deal! We saved over 1,000! That's worth a couple hours in line, for sure!

We also bought new living room furniture at HOM. We needed it anyway, we were just waiting for their sale. :)

But on Friday we had dinner at Tom's mom's house and his brother was drinking and ended up saying some really stupid, mean, and incredibly rude things. His mom even told him he was being an ass to me and he flipped out and literally yelled at her. I was so fed-up with his family being mean about this wedding that I started crying, packed my stuff, and left. I have had enough. He had NO RIGHT to talk to me like that and when everyone told him that much, he got mad at them too! I hate Tom's family so much. I didn't know it was possible to have such EVIL people be considered FAMILY. And how did Tom turn out so good?!?!?!?!?

Anyway, I'm putting that behind me. I left because I'm not going to let him/his family bring me down right now. I have only a month left until my wedding and I am going to enjoy it!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Murphy's law

So Saturday didn't go as planned. We woke up to our first snow of the season. And it snowed A LOT. About 8 inches. And my dress fitting got cancelled. That's the whole reason I drive 4 hours round trip to get my sister, so she could be there! Ugh! 

And then almost everyone cancelled for our wedding shower because of the weather. Out of the 30 people invited, only 8 showed up. And this includes my mom, sister, grandma, and uncle. So, pretty much just family. I was really bummed. I know the weather wasn't any one's fault but my shower was a giant fail. My mom & grandma spent a bunch of time and money for this party just to have nobody show up. :( But I did get a couple nice gifts from my family and the cake was delicious! (and I smashed some in Tom's face! hehe. We both agreed not to do it at our wedding so I had to do it now!) Pictures from the day below...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Good News!

I am in a great mood today!!

1. Our marriage application & notarized documents made it to Jamaica and they are in the hand of our wedding coordinator! It only took almost a month longer than it should have! But at least they are there and we don't have to deal with re-sending them. We are one step closer to legally getting married in Jamaica! Woot!

2. I'm off work tomorrow. I'm picking up my little sister after school and she is staying the night with me.

3. I have my final dress fitting on Saturday morning! I can't wait to see it now that it fits perfectly!

4. We have our wedding shower on Saturday afternoon!

I have a great weekend ahead of me! :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I feel really bad for Tom. We found out that his dad had his 3rd stroke over the weekend. It wasn't a bad one. They let him out the same day. His doctors say everything is fine. But he's 95% sure he's NOT coming to Jamaica for the wedding now.

Out of the 17 guests, only 2 are from Tom's family. I feel so bad for him that his family is like that. Obviously I'm not upset with his dad for not going. He has a medical reason. But I'm still not over the whole fiasco with his brother and his b*tch of a wife.

My family is throwing Tom & I a little "couples shower" for us this Saturday. So far, no one from Tom's family is coming. I'm hurt. Tom says they just aren't a "close" family. But my gosh! This is a huge, important event in his life and they don't give a crap! I really hope that once we have kids we are able to make our family totally different. I can't imagine missing my child's wedding shower, or their entire wedding for that matter!

I'm really bummed. :(

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Under 2 months!

We are now under the 2 month mark! I can't believe how fast time is flying by!

Last Friday I had my first dress fitting. I was so nervous! But I got there and the lady was very nice and thankfully my dress still fit! WooHoo! She needs to take the dress in, but sadly it's in the bust area! I'm also adding push-up cups to help give me a little *extra* up top. I go back in two weeks for the (hopefully) final fitting. I'm going to bring my sister with so she can practice the corset and bustle. And then I'll try the finished dress on with all my accessories to make my final decisions for everything. I'm really excited to see the finished product now that it will be the right length and everything.

After my next dress fitting is my little family shower. Both Tom and I have teeny tiny families so it won't be very big. It's also a "couples shower." Then the week after that the ladies I work with are throwing me a shower too. Then it's Thanksgiving and then it's DECEMBER which equals WEDDING MONTH. :)