Friday, March 4, 2011

One Love--Ceremony

 As the music played my little brother walked me down the aisle. (I've never met my dad & I only have one brother so I knew right away he would be the one to walk me down the aisle.) I remember talking to my brother saying, "I'm so nervous! But I guess I should smile so I look happy? Right?!" I don't remember a lot during this time. Once I got close enough to see Tom I kept my eyes locked on him the rest of the time. 



Our ceremony was really short. We had readings and our own vows picked out but somehow they didn't make it to the minister. Oh well. At the end of it, we were still married and that's what counts! We had the standard, traditional vows. The minister gave a nice speech about keeping a marriage strong, and staying faithful. And to tell you the truth I don't remember a lot else! I remember staring into Tom's eyes and looking at the ocean behind him trying to tell myself to soak it all in. It was surreal. (It was also VERY windy as you can see in the pictures!!)

 Before I knew it we were MARRIED! Our first kiss as husband and wife!

 And just like that (literally, the whole ceremony was only 15mins, tops!) we were married. A lot of past brides told me what a blur their ceremonies were. And they weren't joking! I do remember being glad it was a short ceremony though, since I got so nervous all of a sudden. While I don't remember much of what the minister said, I do remember looking into Tom's eyes & the beautiful ocean behind us while we said our vows. I'm glad that stuck with me. :)

Up next, family picture time!

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Teenage Bride said...

aww it is so sweet that your brother walked you down the aisle.