Thursday, April 28, 2011


I really hate this funk I've been in lately. I just have no energy for anything! I am tired 24/7. And I mean REALLY tired. I was shopping with Tom last weekend and I was just too tired to continue--what?! I had myself convinced I was pregnant (since I've heard extreme fatigue is an early sign. ) But I'm not. I have no idea what my deal is. I have to force myself to keep up on the housework & my workouts. Sometimes nothing works and I go to bed the minute I get home and just lay there and watch tv all night. I had some blood work drawn at my physical in Jan and everything was normal. Plus I take a prenatal vitamin every night and it has extra iron. I'm out of ideas. But I want to feel more like myself soon! I'm really hoping some sun & warm weather will help make me feel better. We're STILL getting snow. :( I just want some sun! (Oh, I take a vitD supplement too since we have no sun here it seems...)

Anyway, I guess there is no point to this post. Other than I have ideas for what to write but I'm too lazy to actually write them! Sigh...


Morgan Owens said...

I've been feeling the same way..just blah blah blah! Sorry you are feeling the same way too! :(
So if you were 'thinking' you were pregnant does that mean you aren't preventing? :)

Morgan Owens said...

Oh duh, you mentioned that in your last post! So, I'm guessing you ran out of your last pack! (YAY!lol)