Friday, June 10, 2011

Feeling like a teenager

And NOT in a good way! Last month was my first month off the pill. I was prepared for all the side effects that came alone with it. Except...nothing happened. I didn't break out, I didn't gain weight, my PMS was only slightly worse, I had a perfectly normal cycle, etc etc.

HAHAHAHA. Apparently my body just needed a month to get into a groove because now that we're in month #2 my face is HORRIBLE! I feel like a teenager again! I had horrible acne when I was younger and thankfully going on the pill helped a lot. I'm using all the drug store washes but nothing is working. :( I hope this will even out soon because this is NO FUN!

I've also started gaining weight. Partly because I am starving all the time. My stomach will literally ache and grumble even after I've eaten dinner!

When I was younger, my Doctor thought I probably had PCOS. I had every single one of the symptoms. I'm worried that my first month off the pill was a fluke with my perfect, symptom-free cycle and now I'm getting into the "real" ones. I could go 3-4 months without a period, had horrible acne, was overweight, excess hair (omg yes I admit it!) I was really hopeful after last month...but now, not so much. :(

Anyway...any ideas on how to get my body back into control?! YIKES!


Laura said...

I got off the pill about 6 weeks ago and have been a mess ever since. I never ovulated and AF finally decided to make an appearance (I was starting to get a little concerned). My face is breaking out, and I'm losing a lot of hair now. My doctor said I may need to give it up to 3-4 months to be back to "normal". Ugh!

SG to SP said...

Just wait until you get pregnant you're skin will probably just get worse. Mine wasn't too bad when I got off the pill but now that I'm pregnant whoa! It's bad and my usual stuff (Proactiv) doesn't seem to help. It's worth it though but still a pain. I also have long cycles, the key is getting OPK's and checking your cervical fluid so that you can better guess when you are ovulating. Good luck!