Thursday, June 9, 2011

Smurf Blue

Our house is now painted "smurf blue."Ha! ;) We got the majority of the house painted this weekend. We still have all the little detail/touch up work to do. The paint was a little brighter than we thought it would be, but it's MUCH better than the nasty grey the house was before. Let me tell you, painting a house is A LOT of work. Our next house better have maintence-free siding!

We went to a couple garage sales last Saturday. I bought a wood rocking chair. It was only $15 and in really good condition. I told Tom that I needed it to rock our baby to sleep...and he agreed...even though I'm NOT pregnant yet. So the chair is sitting in our guest room for now.

Not much else is new. I need to get back into working out because I have really slacked since the wedding. And recently I've been letting TTC get in the way. I tell myself "why bother when I could be pregnant anyway?" OBVIOUSLY that is not the right way to think because what if it takes us awhile? I can't skip working out for months and months. Plus I know pregnancy will be easier on my body if I'm in shape BEFORE. blah blah blah. I just don't like working out and I need to suck it up and stop with the excuses. :(

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Teenage Bride said...

haha I gave up working out half way through my pregnancy....even yoga made me sick after a while