Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3rd time was a charm!

 This is the story about how I found out I AM PREGNANT in a campground bathroom. Oh yes...

This past weekend we went camping with a couple of our friends. I took a pregnancy test before we left even though I knew it was too early (only 9DPO) Of course it was negative. I wasn't too upset, because even though our timing was 100% perfect this month, I had a (TMI) horrible yeast infection right around/after O time so I thought we were out. 

We headed out camping and had a great time. It was a nice campground. They even had a mini golf course and a creek with a wicked current that you can float down with your tube (and beer of course!)


On Saturday morning (11DPO) I decided to take another test. I brought one with because we were doing a lot of wine tasting that day. I know drinking in early pregnancy (especially BEFORE I even miss my period won't harm the baby...but I wanted to know.) So I went off to take a shower at 6:30 am when everyone else was still sleeping. I took the test (in a campground bathroom! lol!) almost right away there was a faint line. I was in shock and decided to jump in the shower because I couldn't sit there and wait the 2 minutes for the test to fully develop. I was a shaking mess! After I put shampoo in my hair I actually dumped body wash in my hair instead of conditioner! After my shower I picked up the test and there was no mistaking that there was a 2nd line there. It was pretty light, but I know that "a line is a line." I've taken lots of pregnancy tests and I have NEVER seen a 2nd line. So I was pretty sure I was pregnant. I started crying, and thankfully no one else was in there with me. 

I went back down to our tent and woke up Tom. I leaned over and said "Our baby has already gone on his first beer tour. " (We had toured a brewery the day before.) And he laughed and told me "No he didn't. You're not pregnant."
Me: "Yes I am"
Him "No your not."
Me "YES I AM."
Him "How do you know"
Me "I took a test"
He then asks to see the test...
Him " It's too light. It's not as dark as the other line. It must be negative."
I grab my iphone (Thank goodness for the iphone!) and google "faint positives" and "a line is a line." 

He finally believes me.

We went home the next day and I took a couple more tests right away to confirm. We are cautiously optimistic. Tom is BEYOND excited. He is always rubbing my tummy. (Which is nothing but bloat at this point!) He makes sure I am eating and feeling well. He asks me multiple times a day if he can tell someone yet. (and I keep telling him it's too early!) It's starting to sink in and feel more & more real. My EDD: is 04/03/2012. I guess God knew to wait until I was ready. This was the first month I didn't feel nervous, and we got our BFP! I'm praying that everything goes well and this is a sticky baby! 

Adding the normal disclaimer: if you are my FB friend (or you are a lurker and know me?) Please don't say anything. It's way too soon. Thanks! 


SG to SP said...

Congratulations!!! So happy it didn't take you too long to get pregnant. Sending sticky baby vibes your way!

Meg said...

Yay for you! Congrats, I am so excited about you. You are definitely right to keep this hush hush until further along in your pregnancy. Yay, you're pregnant. :)

The Ramblings of a Thirtysomething Wife said...

Congratulations! I got my BFP back on June 14th and we have slowly been telling people. I am almost ready to let the cat out of the bag to everyone else and I couldn't be more excited! I hope everything goes well for you and that you are feeling good!

Christina said...

Congrats!! How exciting!!

Mom on the Run said...

Congrats Dani! That is such exciting news. I took 10 test last March because I could not believe my eyes. We had waited a long time to see that. I am so excited for you :)

Nicole-Lynn said...