Monday, July 11, 2011

I finally get it

So this is our 3rd month TTC. At first, Tom was the one who was ready, and it was his idea to start trying earlier than we planned. I was so nervous & scared...and not sure I was ready. 


I don't know what changed, maybe I just needed a few months to get used to the idea. But I have NEVER had baby fever like this! It's literally in the back on my mind 24/7. I desperately want a BFP this month and for once, I think a BFN would really sting. The past couple didn't bother me...but I know this month will be a different story.I finally "get it." The desire for a baby, for a family. I never REALLY felt that urge before. And man, did it ever come full force! 

Thankfully we've been really busy with BBQ'S, spending time with our friends, wine festivals(!!), and camping. But the desire to have a tiny baby is still there. 

I'm ready. And I can say that for sure now. I don't think I was meant to get pregnant right away because I wasn't really ready. Well, now I am so bring on the BFP! ;)

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Meg said...

That is great that you are finally on board and ready. It is a lot to make sure you are on board but that is great that you are! I hope this month is the month for you! Good luck. :)