Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh, baby!

My bf's brother had a baby girl yesterday. The first grandchild of the family. Everyone always thought Tom & I would have the first/only grandkids in his family because his brother's wife always said she didn't want kids. And, oops, here's baby Katie instead! (I don't like the sister-in-law. Nobody does. When bf's brother called and said he had an "announcement", we were guessing he was divorcing her, or she accidentally got pregnant. Which jabs the knife in even further that she has a new little baby and I DON'T.)

I've been jealous for awhile now. I want my own little baby. :( My bf's brother lives in Texas, so it's not like we will get to see baby Katie very much. She probably won't even be a baby by the time we meet her! I know bf's mom is really sad about being so far away. She wanted a little girl of her own and got three boys instead! So this granddaughter is really special to her.

We got a few pictures of her today and she REALLY looks like daddy. And I spent a long time looking at her little face and wishing I could hold her and spoil her. ( And (secretly) wishing I could have my own little baby, too.)

World, meet my pseudo "niece", Katie.


Andy said...

Oh my! She's so pretty! Congrats to the parents!

Anonymous said...

She's adorable!!