Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Has Sprung!

It's supposed to get close to EIGHTY degrees here on Thursday. This is amazing! Although I'll be at work all day...and by the weekend it will be rainy and cold again. Boo!

I did the Biggest Loser Yoga DVD last night. It wasn't very hard---but I am actually sore today! Guess I was working some more muscles than I thought!

And in big news, my bf and I are going to start house hunting! Our realtor is going to e-mail us some listings tonight. I'm nervous, but also excited. Buying a house means we are closer to a wedding and babies! :) Oh, and a puppy. Haha. Our budget it pretty low, being first time buyers. But I think we will be able to find something out there right now and put a little sweat into it to make it wonderful!

I'm getting close to my weight loss goal. I have around 8 more pounds to go. And I will be at my goal by summer, and I will wear my first bikini this summer!

I also have something going on every weekend until June. I am most excited for my 24th birthday weekend next weekend! My bf is taking me to a winery tour and then out to dinner. It should be fun. And I plan on getting quite the buzz from the good ol' wine offered. :)


Andy said...

House hunting? Exciting much? :D

Anonymous said...


Congrats on house hunting! That's great!