Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The divorce rate right now is high. Too high. I'm only 25 and I already have numerous divorced friends. In some cases, divorce is needed. (cheating, abuse, etc.) I also believe if two people really tried every option and are still miserable, it's better for the children to have to single, happy parents then married and miserable parents.

But sometimes I think people give up too easily and don't try hard enough to keep their marriages together. I also think gay people should have the right to get married. At least at the court house. I have nothing against the Catholic church banning gay marriage. However, church and state are separate. And I think they should be able to get married elsewhere.

Anyway, there was an article printed in the local paper today about the divorce rate. Apparently it's increasing. It's 8% higher than 2009. And one idiot posted this comment...

"Marriage is a thing of the PAST... I truly believe if we could only see marriage as a thing we did in the past we won't have so many messed up kids. I live with my girl friend and we both take breaks from one another which make the relationship stronger. She has kids and they don’t need to see how frustrating normal life gets between two people."

WTF. So instead her kids get to see mommy and her boyfriend bang other people during one of their "breaks?" How is this normal? How is this better for the kids? I think they should see that life isn't roses all the time and mom and dad do get frustrated with each other but that it takes hard work and communication to make a relationship work. "Taking a break" when life gets tough is NOT something I want to teach my future children. That comment is so wrong in so many ways.


Whitney said...

I totally agree with you that that is insane, and stupid. I think that this girlfriend should take responsibility and not bring a boyfriend into her life unless she knows that he is going to be a stable, father-like figure to her children. Otherwise I think she is causing them more harm... *sigh*

Andy said...

Well, the whole purpose of marriage is making a commitment to the person you love the most to spend the rest of your life with her/him, because there's no one else you'd rather do it with.

So yeah, he's kind of crazy.

Oh, and in a very cold point of view, marriage has great economical benefits... You can get loans, you can extend your social security benefits to your partner, etc. What happens when you just "get together"?

(uh HI! Yes, I AM back!)

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