Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How is it August 11th already?

This summer has gone by SO FAST! After buying the house last summer and doing all the work on it, we figured this summer would be nice and relaxing. Somehow, we have managed to stay really busy and the time is flying by!

The end of this month (Aug 27th) is Tom's 29th birthday. We are going up north to stay the night at a hotel and go out on a charter fishing trip. Then we are going to a dinner cruise up a river the following night to celebrate. I can't believe that Tom will be 29. And next year will be a HUGE change for him. He'll be turning 30, be MARRIED, and we will be trying to get pregnant (or be already?). He better enjoy this birthday while he can! haha.

I don't have a ton of stuff left to do for the wedding. I have to buy a garter and the sand ceremony set. And we have to get our birth certificates notarized and all the paperwork sent off to Jamaica. And then in October I have to get my dress fittings done. Christmas will be here before we know it and then---JAMAICA!

Let's see...I haven't been up to anything else it seems. Enjoying this season of Big Brother and keeping up with my running. After I finished the C25K program I was having problems finishing the 30 minute runs. I was getting so upset! So I decided to slow the treadmill down a little bit. Instead of jogging at 5MPH (Yeah, that's even SLOW!) I went down to 4.8 and it made a HUGE difference! I am finally able to finish my runs in full now. And that's a good thing since I have my dress fittings in about 2 months...Where did this year go? I feel like I just got engaged!


~Dawn~ said...

Everyone's talking about the C25K and I finally googled it the other day at work but wasn't really understanding it. I'll have to try again... Can't believe that the wedding is around the corner. Hope you're having a great summer!

Mom on the Run said...

Yay for wedding plans coming together! I remember feeling such relief when I only had a few details left.