Thursday, August 26, 2010

The name debate

2010 is like the year of weddings for me. I know tons and tons of people getting married this year. (myself included!) Some of these women struggle with the decision to change their name or not. It's a super easy decision for me.

I'm changing my name.

I have no connection to my last name at all. It's technically my ex step-dad's last name. My mom got married when I was 4 or 5? And I hated that my mom was changing her name and I would have a different name then her and my future siblings. So I went to court, stood in front of a judge, and at 5 years old, changed my name.

However, that step-dad turned into a giant tool and he's not someone I wish to share a name with. I can't wait to take my Fiance's last name. I feel like that will really make us a family. I also want our future kids and me to all have the same name.

There's one kink in this plan...I've heard of it taking up to 6 months to get your official marriage certificate from Jamaica. Which means I can't change my name or be added to his insurance for up to 6 months. And even then that doesn't mean the process will be easy. I work with a girl who got married a few weeks ago. (Here in MN) and she's even having a hard time getting her name changed and everything switched over. And she has a US marriage! Who knows the hoops I'll have to jump thru to validate my Jamaican marriage. So while we may be married on 12/31, the USA might not agree with us right away.


a girl and a pearl. said...

I am still working on getting my name changed on everything and it's been 9 months! It takes time no matter what... Sorry to hear about your ex-step father and good luck with the rest of your wedding planning!

Nicole said...

I loathe my last name! And I love the BFs! Cant wait to change it! Eventually we will rid of the toxins in our last names =D

Christina said...

My name change didn't take too long. We got married on a Friday and it was changed on most of my stuff by that Monday. I still do find things I haven't changed it on yet and it's been almost 4 years. My car and car insurance are still in my old name!

Andy said...

Haha, I think I'll change it too! It depends, if my husband is French, then, of course I'd change it. ut if I marry a Latin guy... Would have to think about it!

Anyway, for the Jamaica wedding thing, I have a friend who got married first in the US (secretely), and then is having the big wedding in Jamaica, also this October.

She had to do it because her man was departing to Iraq, and if she wanted news of him in case anything happened, they had to be married!