Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I feel really bad for Tom. We found out that his dad had his 3rd stroke over the weekend. It wasn't a bad one. They let him out the same day. His doctors say everything is fine. But he's 95% sure he's NOT coming to Jamaica for the wedding now.

Out of the 17 guests, only 2 are from Tom's family. I feel so bad for him that his family is like that. Obviously I'm not upset with his dad for not going. He has a medical reason. But I'm still not over the whole fiasco with his brother and his b*tch of a wife.

My family is throwing Tom & I a little "couples shower" for us this Saturday. So far, no one from Tom's family is coming. I'm hurt. Tom says they just aren't a "close" family. But my gosh! This is a huge, important event in his life and they don't give a crap! I really hope that once we have kids we are able to make our family totally different. I can't imagine missing my child's wedding shower, or their entire wedding for that matter!

I'm really bummed. :(

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~Dawn~ said...

sorry to hear about Tom's dad. Hope he's recovering well.. I know you said it wasn't that major but prayers are with him. Are you having a videographer? Perhaps he can watch the wedding when you get back. Families, in general, all have their drama. UGH.. I even had some on the DAY OF. Created by MIL. Sending lots of positive vibes your way!