Wednesday, October 5, 2011

14 weeks

I had my 2nd appt yesterday at 14 weeks. I was nervous because my last appt was a month ago and I know a lot can change in a month (especially during 1st tri!) But I went in and they found the heartbeat right away. I'm also in the 2nd tri now so I'm starting to relax and become excited. My baby is due in less than 6 months--wow! I can't believe it! I've gained about 7lbs so far. I'm also starting to gain a pound a week. Which freaked me out at first, but I did the math and even if I keep gaining 1lb a week I will gain about 32-33lbs by the end. Although I would prefer to gain only 25, I'm ok with 30.

I'm also having a ton of cramping. It started a couple days ago. I guess it's round ligament pain (or just normal stretching) It doesn't hurt, it's just uncomfortable.

I'm also measuring slightly over a week ahead. I know my dates are 100% because I was charting. But my OB said if I'm still measuring over a week ahead at my A/S next month they will change my due date. I am SO EXCITED for our scan. Only 5 weeks and 2 days to go!

14 weeks

Last week my mom came down and wanted to go crib shopping. I know it's early but she was so excited! We got a good deal on the Simmons Summer Harvest. (pictured below) So I guess we can cross that off our list!


Meg said...

The ligament pain sounds really uncomfortable, ouch! You look great! I also love the crib you guys bought, it's beautiful.

Christina said...

You look great! A pound a week isn't bad. Toward the end last time I actually stopped gaining weight. We both have lots of good food to eat with the holidays coming up! I love the crib too!