Thursday, October 20, 2011


My mother-in-law has cancer. Tom found out last night. I guess it's on her lip/mouth. They did a small biopsy that showed it was cancerous, but they don't know if it's just skin cancer, or another form that has spread.

Obviously all cancer is bad, but right now we are hoping for skin cancer. That will be a much easier road that any other form of cancer. She is having surgery on Halloween to remove all of it and they won't know exactly what type of cancer it is until a week or so later.

I know Tom is nervous, but his dad also had skin cancer years ago. They cut it all out and he has been fine. So I know he is assuming the same thing is going to happen to his mom. And I hope so too.


Mom on the Run said...

Sending well wishes to your mother in law. Positive thoughts :)

Morgan Owens said...

So sorry to hear that, keep us updated!