Saturday, May 9, 2009


I have wanted a puppy for a long time now. At least a year? But our apartment building didn't allow them. Well, last Tuesday we got a note saying they allow dogs now!! (They have to be small)

We are in the process of buying our first home, and hope to find one and close by the end of the summer. So I could either wait until we bought a house and get whatever puppy I want, whatever size I want...OR get a small one NOW.

Guess what I picked?!!?

I searched online thru every puppy up for adoption at every local shelter, and in the newspaper. I found the perfect little "Cavapoo." His mom is a mini-poodle and dad is a King Charles Spaniel. Both parents are between 13-14 pounds. And this little guy is the runt of the litter, at only 3.5 pounds at 12 weeks old! His brother and sister are both 10 pounds already! He is going to stay very small. Maybe 6 pounds the vet guessed?

We went and got him on Thursday night. He is doing pretty well so far. He only wakes up around 2am to whine in his box. But I ignore him and he goes back to sleep after a few minutes. We're in the very beginning of potty training though. Although, he does this thing where he spins around in circles right before he pees, so we watch for that and have usually been able to move him to his puppy pad when he starts spinning!

He is sooooo lovey. He loves to be held and isn't afraid of strange people or the cats! (The cats however, are not a fan of him. Haha.) I tried to get him to walk on a leash today...that wasn't happening. Oh well, he's still pretty scared. He needs some more time to get used to living here first.

So.... Here is my little man, Rex!


Andy said...

OMG! He's SO cute! ;)

Ophelia said...

Super cut! And I love that he's posing beside what appears to be a Budweiser Box! :)