Thursday, June 10, 2010

Time Flys

First of all, how can it be June 10th already? There is only slightly more than 6 months until I get married! I am SO glad the first half of my engagement is over! It was horrible. Not at all like I pictured it would be. It was stressful and left me really sad at all the bad things being said about it. But now, all the trips are booked (and not everyone is coming, and we're ok with that!), we have the money to pay off our trip, we applied for our passports last night, and everything is moving full speed ahead and I am FINALLY HAPPY AND EXCITED about the thought of my wedding/getting married. Ah, I've been waiting for this feeling! :)

Second, my one-and-only baby brother is graduating high school on Saturday! I can't believe it! (That also means I graduated 7 years ago! Where the hell does time go to?!) We will be heading home tomorrow after work for the weekend to see him graduate. He put our whole family through hell the past few years. I think he made my poor mom age about 10+ years! But I am very happy that he is still here, maturing (as much as an 18 year old boy can, anyway!), and graduating high school. :)

My brother, Patrick. I can't wait for him to walk me down the aisle in December!

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