Friday, June 4, 2010

Updates & more SIL drama

So, long time no update! A few major things have happened recently...

1) My great-grandma passed away at the age of 94

2) My grandma decided she IS coming to our wedding now that she doesn't have to worry about leaving great-grandma (her mom) for a week.

3) We switched our resort from S.a.n.d.a.l.s to B.r.e.e.z.e.s

4) Sis-in-law visited from Texas and caused major DRAMA!


So first my great-grandma, Goldie, passed away the end of April after she had a stroke. She was still in her own home with my grandma & my mom by her side. She had a good, long life. My grandma was the one who was taking care of her. Because my grandma didn't really want to leave my great-grandma for an entire week, and didn't want to deal with the hassle of traveling with oxygen, she decided not to come to my wedding. It really, really sucked but I understood. Well, since my great-grandma passed my grandma doesn't have to worry about her anymore. And she decided to come to Jamaica with us! I am really, really happy my grandma will be there to see me get married!! :)

Speaking of wedding, we switched resorts. S.a.n.d.a.l.s increased their prices and it was too expensive for my family. So we switched. This other resort isn't as fancy by any means, but it's still on the beach, the had my wedding day available, and my family can afford it. We'll make the best of it either way!

Last weekend Tom's brother, his wife, and their daughter came into town. (dun, dun DUN!) I was dreading this visit for weeks! I'm not kidding it was causing me major anxiety! So on Saturday I spend all day cleaning my house, baby-proofing, and even bought SIL (sis-in-law) special food since she can't eat any lactose. So on Sunday they were supposed to be at our house at 9pm to go out for breakfast. They don't show up until 11:30. (which isn't even breakfast time anymore! I had been up since 6:30am!) But anyway, we go out to breakfast and everything is fine. There is some slight tension, obviously, because we can't stand each other, but everything seemed to go ok. We get back to our house around noon and she takes her daughter and says she has to run to "Target" real quick. She doesn't come back until 6:30 PM!!! Then she drops off her kid and says she has to run to the "grocery store." WTF. (Apparently she was at a friend's house all day) So while Tom did get to see his brother all day, he was really looking forward to seeing his 14 month old niece who he just met for the FIRST time! But she was gone all day! So when SIL finally makes it back to our house we have dinner and then they leave since it was so late and the kid was getting cranky. We had plans to all meet up at the zoo the following morning.

An hour after they left SIL sends Tom a text that says, "Danielle isn't invited to the zoo tomorrow. She can't come." And when Tom asks why? She says, "She wasn't friendly or welcoming enough. I refuse to spend anymore time with her. If you want to see Joel or Katie you will have to do it alone from here on out."


So needless to say Tom did NOT go to the zoo on Monday and didn't get to see his brother or his niece again before they left. I didn't tell Tom he couldn't go, but I am glad he decided to stand up for me and not give into SIL's crazy demands. It shows that we are united and she can't break us apart no matter how hard she tries.

I would like to take this moment to say how glad I am that she isn't coming to our wedding! She would ruin it somehow, I'm sure. While I'm sorry Tom doesn't get his brother there, her actions this past weekend have proven she is completely PSYCHO and there is no stopping or pleasing her.


Christina said...

What a nut! That sucks that your husband wasn't able to see his brother or niece again because his SIL is a crazy biotch!

Jenni said...

wow..... what a mean girl! I hope his brother catches on to her brand of crazy soon!

Whitney said...

Crazy! Glad Tom stood up for you... keep your head up! XO

p.s. My condolences on your great-grandmother's passing.

Nicole said...

WOW! Long time no blog! I have been wondering about you and this pyscho lady situation! And now that I know I cant say I am shocked. She has SERIOUS problems, I cant believe Toms brother puts up with her ish! Anyway yay for Tom standing by you! And yay for an update! SO sorry to hear about your Great Grandma....Take Care.

jacin said...

ok WHAT!?!??!?! F that!! i cannot believe that. he has balls to go to his brother about that when they're visiting YOU, and say you're not invited to the zoo anymore? really? wow i'm so sorry you have to deal with that!! :(