Friday, October 15, 2010

Dress Fitting

I just scheduled my first dress fitting. It's exactly 2 weeks from today. Which means I can't eat anything but carrots and green beans for the next two weeks. Ha ha! I don't know why but I am SO nervous to do my dress fittings. It seriously gives me a panic attack just thinking about it! I finally called and scheduled it today because I'm really starting to run out of time! And of course I'm a stress eater and that is the total opposite of what I need right now. And to top it off, one of my friends made me a mini "better-than-sex" cake. So I have that delicious thing sitting at home tempting me. UGH.

I also heard back and we can't have a private dinner reception that night because it's a holiday. However, they aren't going to make us eat at the crummy buffet (which I was REALLY worried about.) and they will make a reservation for us at their Italian restaurant. It's the nicer one and they have a dress code. I can handle that. I just couldn't imagine having to walk around the buffet with my wedding dress! Ew!

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couture wedding jewelry said...

I know how you are feeling about the diet plan before the fitting schedule. But when you will see yourself in the pretty dress, you will feel that this was all worth it. I will be going through the same phase after a few days, as I am nearing my wedding the coming January.