Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I have a couple random things to blog about tonight...

1. My brother texted me and apologized for telling me to go f*ck myself. I thanked him for the apology and left it at that. I still don't know if he's coming to my wedding, but it's too raw to talk to him yet.

2. All this stress had brought on the stress binge eating for me. I knew what was happening and why but I couldn't stop it for 3 days. I gained about 1-2 pounds from it. (literally, I consumed an extra 4,000 calories over my daily limit over those three days.) I'm really scared that I will have to deal with this forever. However, good news is I stopped it after three days. I was back on track today and got in a workout. It was a minor set back but gaining one pound won't kill me. I'll have it gone by Friday. 

3. I had a dream last night that Tom was gay. We were already married and super happy. I was heartbroken. He wanted to stay married to me though. He said he loved me and he was happily married, but he needed me to know the truth that he was gay. I was debating if I wanted to break up my marriage or not. I woke up before I found out what my decision was. Weird. (No, I do not think Tom is gay in ANY way.)

 4. I ordered vintage hankies from etsy for my mom, grandma, mother-in-law, and myself. I got the pics today (see below) and I can't wait to give them to them at the wedding. I really think they will like them. :)

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