Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our weekend

Our weekend started off on a bad note. Friday night Tom called his brother because we needed some info from his passport for our travel agent. I told Tom to remind his brother that he NEEDS to buy some dress clothes. His brother was refusing to buy dress clothes even though the resort has a mandatory dress code! If he didn't dress up he wouldn't be allowed into the restaurant for our wedding dinner/reception! So anyway, Tom told him that he really needs to suck it up and buy some clothes. His brother finally agreed and stopped being an ass about it.


He also said that he will only have $500 and not the $700 he still owes. Tom said no problem and I flipped out. I can't believe he is taking MORE money from us. Back when we first got engaged we told his brother that we would give him $500 to help cover the flight cost. That left him with $1,000 he had to pay. But then when it came time for the downpayment, he magically didn't have the money (He had it. His dad just gave each kid $5,000 for Christmas!!!) So we had to pay his $400 downpayment as well. Then we had to pay his $130 for the charter fishing trip we are taking down there. And now he wants ANOTHER $200?!?! I just don't get it. It's NOT FAIR! We told him we would give him $500 and now we have paid $1200! WTF is that?! And of course Tom won't stand up to him because he really wants his brother there. I am livid with his brother. It's not like we have the money either. That money we have to give him is coming out of our trip fund! To Tom it's "just another $200" but I'm looking at the big picture where that brings our total up to $1200 when we agreed on $500. I can tell you one thing, that deadbeat won't be getting any nice presents from me for the rest of his life. And of course he won't pay us back either. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE Tom's family. Seriously, the ONLY one in that family that is a decent human being is his mother. At least I will have a great mother-in-law. All the rest of them I would be happy never having to see them for the rest of my life.

Moving on... On Saturday we went to Target and registered for some things. The ladies I work with are throwing me a shower in November and they kept bugging me to register. It was actually harder than I thought it would be! We only have 22 things on there. If we were having a traditional wedding with 150 people there would be no way we could find enough stuff to register for!

I had off from work yesterday so I did some cleaning around the house and raked some leaves. It felt good to get the house clean because it has been a mess for awhile now. Then we went to city hall and the post office and sent off our documents to Jamaica to apply for our marriage license! Hopefully it will get there early next week and everything can get approved and ready to go! We're getting so close!

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Tamela said...

Sounds like men in our life both have a bum brother. I hope things get better and he doesn't mooch anymore money off you all. Looks like you need to set your foot down.