Friday, May 6, 2011

26 candles!

It was my birthday on Wednesday. I'm now 26. I say I'm still in my mid-twenties but Tom says I'm now in my late twenties. I think I'm right and that's what I chose to believe! ha! ;)

When I woke up Tom gave me some pretty orange roses and a cute card. He also gave me a gift certificate for a local greenhouse. I was so excited! I've been wanting to fix up the front of our house ever since we moved in. But plants are so expensive! So I got lots of plants and flowers. Our house is going to be so pretty this year!! I got 4 hosta plants, two ferns, 3 hanging baskets, lots and LOTS of flowers, and a bunch of veggie plants (strawberries, tomato, pepper, corn, etc.)

We also went out to lunch. It is so nice to enjoy a lunch in the middle of the day on a Wednesday! (We even had a margarita! I felt like a rebel!) We also went out to dinner that night at Ichiban. It's a hibachi restaurant with the BEST food. I had the most delicious filet mignon & shrimp! It was so good! (Tom & I also had a long talk about the baby issue at dinner. But I'll get into that in a different post tomorrow!)

Tom & I both took Thursday off from work too. We got up and went out for coffee and hit up some garage sales. We both love garage sales. I know we probably spend a lot of money in gas, but it's so fun hunting for treasures! You never know what you will find. I didn't get anything but Tom found a lot of tools. Then we went out for lunch again and got some Mexican food & some more margaritas. It was Cinco De Mayo, we had to! ;)  Then we spent the rest of the night being lazy at home.

It was a great birthday and it was so fun to take a couple days off work to spend with Tom with nothing to do. We were able to relax and do whatever we wanted with the day, we didn't have to rush anywhere!

It is FINALLY sunny & warm here. (It's supposed to rain the next 7 days though...Boo!) So we are thinking about having some friends over & having a fire tonight. We will spend the rest of the weekend working on the house. (And I will be eating lots of veggies & water to give my body a break from the past 2 days, haha!)

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