Tuesday, November 18, 2008

155, Check!

Way back in January, I told myself that I would be 155 lbs by 12/25. Well, the scale has read 155.1 for the past two days now. So I made my goal, and a month early to boot. I thought I would have been happier when I reached this weight. I don't really feel any different. I have a pair of size 10 pants I need to fit into, and I'm not there yet. I'm hoping I can fit into them when I lose the next 5 pounds. I'm sure that will feel way better than hitting 155 on the scale.

I went to Target today to buy the 30 day shred DVD and they were sold out. So I guess I'll look around or just order it off Amazon. I've heard it's a tough workout, and I need something to kick my butt to get the rest of this weight off.

I'm watching the biggest loser right now. They lose 7-8 pounds a WEEK and it's taken me this long to lose 25 pounds! It makes me feel frustrated. Granted, I don't have a personal chef nor do I have 7 hours a day to workout. But still, I want to be done losing weight and move on to maintaining it!!

Oh, and I learned that a baby red potato has 110 calories in ONE of them! That's insane! They are so little! Oh well, they are pretty filling. But damn! They are really calorie dense! I gues you really do learn something new every day!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on reaching your goal!!! That's awesome!