Monday, February 8, 2010

Prior fat girl

There is this blog I read daily, It's written by a girl named Jen who has lost 100 pounds. It's a great blog and she is actually from Minneapolis, like me. :) So I was very excited when she announced a meet up!

Info Here

And I took the plunge and signed up! It's for prior fat girls (I guess that would be me...Even though I don't quite feel like it yet) and "future" prior fat girls. I'm super nervous, like I'm going on a blind date or something! Ha! I've never met anyone from a blog before. But I think it will be cool to meet women who live in my area and have either lost a lot of weight, or are at the start of their journey.

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Nicole said...

This title hurts my feelings lol its something about the word "fat" is so harsh but real. (hence why I use it on that weight loss blog of mine) ANYWAY it sounds like fun! =D