Wednesday, February 24, 2010

sick sick sick sick

I have been sick for the past week. Really sick. As in, I look like death and can't do anything but lay in bed. :( Then last night Emma (my little yorkie-poo) started throwing up every 5 minutes and was whining and shaking. After an hour I decided to bring her to the emergency vet because she wouldn't stop throwing up. $400 later everything checked out and they gave her fluids and some meds to stop the vomiting. She seemed fine this morning. There goes all the money I have saved for the wedding so far. Ugh!

(Oh! As a side note I have lost a couple pounds since being sick. One good thing about being sick, right? Ha!)

I wrote earlier about a blogger meetup for girls who are trying to lose weight/or have lost weight. And I officially signed up and it's this Saturday at a local coffee shop! I'm nervous, but excited too. It should be fun!


Morgan Owens said...

Sorry you have been sick...hope you get back to feeling 100% like you again soon!
That really sucks about the $400, but I know I would have done the same thing for my furbaby! :)

LissaMarie said...

=[ i really hope you feel better soon! being sick is so draining