Monday, March 15, 2010

Damn you, etsy!

I ordered something else from etsy today. (Granted, I've gotten everything for a good deal, much less than I would pay in a store...) Anyway, it's a tiny photo frame. On one side is a picture of my grandma on her wedding day. On the other side is a picture of my great-grandma on my mom's wedding day. I will attach this to my bouquet. Both of these women are still alive, but unable to make it to Jamaica to my wedding. I wanted them to be a part of the ceremony in some way. (It also has a "something blue" charm on it!)

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Mrs T said...

I really love that charm. It is so pretty. Etsy is so dangerous! I almost always end up buying something!

P.s. AGES ago you left a comment on my blog on my wedding day (new years eve 09). So sorry it has taken me so long to return the favor. I read all of those comments on my actual wedding day, and then got crazy busy. So sorry. But thank you for the comment - it meant a lot to me that day.