Monday, March 8, 2010

Jam packed weekend

This weekend went so fast! Friday night we went out to dinner with a couple friends. Saturday was spent cleaning all day and then we had a dinner party at our house and "game night" after. Then Sunday we had our engagement pictures!

I can't wait to see if they turned out good! I think she got some good shots but I'm worried about how my jeans will look. I wore some spanx to hold the tummy in and I didn't realize until we were already there that you could see the line of them clearly on my thighs! So it looked like I had shorts on under my jeans! (which I guess I kinda did!) OMG! I'm so nervous that it will ruin some pictures! :( I am literally stalking my photog's blog waiting for some previews! She said the pictures will be ready in a week...but I can't wait that long, I'll go crazy! Sigh...

But anyway, I'm glad we took engagement pictures. I got my hair done and Tom looked all spiffy too. It's not everyday we get all dressed up! ;) It was weird at first. We had to stand there and stare at each other and kiss and hold hands...and of course people were staring. But after a little bit I didn't even notice the other people around us anymore. It also made us kinda giddy like we were sooooo in love or something (haha) All in all, it was really fun and I hope the pictures turn out good too.


Ann said...

I'm sure the pictures will look FAB!! Can't wait to see them!!

Kristin said...

I wish we had taken some. I've always regretted that!