Friday, March 5, 2010

Liar, Liar

So I said I would post another blog when I got home. Then I lied and didn't. Oops! I got home and went on the treadmill and then made dinner. Then Tom's brother called and told him he doesn't think he's coming to our wedding (wtf) and by that point I wasn't in the mood to do anything but go to bed.

So Tom has two brothers. One lives in Texas and one lives about 2 hours away. The one in Texas has a wife nobody can stand. She refuses to leave her 2 year old child with her own grandma for 5 days to attend our wedding. Which I guess is fine since I don't like her anyway. Tom's brother (her husband) will come alone. Tom's other brother is single and I guess is having a hard time coming up with the money to go. Which I know is true, his hours at work got cut back. HOWEVER, Tom's dad gave each kid $5k for xmas and we told him he NEEDS to save 1k for this trip. (We weren't officially engaged yet. But we knew we were going to have a wedding in Jamaica already.) So I don't know what happened but now he says he cant go. So do we pay his trip? We can't really afford to. (And that wouldn't be fair.) But I feel bad that Tom won't have one of his brothers there!!! Tom claims he's fine with it. Obviously he wants his brother there, but he gave him fair warning and if he can't afford it, no hard feelings. I asked Tom if his dad might help pay for his brother and he said, "highly doubtful." I don't know what to do with that whole mess. I choose to ignore it for now!

Last night was spent trying on tons of clothes. Our photographer that is going to do our engagement pictures said she is free on Sunday and we need to hurry if we want pictures with snow. So I had to run out and get some clothes. I got myself a simple grey cardigan with a purple lace tank under it and Tom a dark grey sweater. Tonight we have to go get some new shoes, a necklace, and maybe some new nail polish for those close-up ring shots!

Saturday will be spent cleaning the house because we are having 8 people over for dinner and some cards.

Sunday is the above mentioned engagement pictures. (I hope I don't look FAT in all of them!)


~Dawn~ said...

Can't wait to see the E-Pics! Good Luck - You'll look wonderful.

Ann said...

That's a bummer about his brother... but it'll all work out, in the end. Like you said, you DID give him fair warning!! Also, can't WAIT to see e-pics! We took ours back in September (before I started my WLJ), and we had a BLAST!!! :) Enjoy!!

Nicole said...

You fat!?! psshh then I am orca lol you will look lovely! I think with the brother 1k is a whole lot of money fair warning or not and perhaps he had other stuff that need the 5k it was his money after all. I think him not going does suck but he had his priorities which unfortunately didnt include his brothers wedding. You had to expect that people wouldnt be able to go to all the way to jamaica for your wedding so try not to make him feel to bad! and enjoy yourself and your soon to be hubby and these special moments =D

Nicole said...

and wait isnt it in december!? he totally has a good amount of time to save! $100 bucks a month cant be too rough! ok I am done =D

Dani said...

We knew not everyone would make it to Jamaica... But before we booked anything we asked and made sure all immediate family would be there. His brother said he would no problem. Now he's changed his mind AFTER we booked. Oh well nothing I can do about it now. ( but yeah it's not until 12/31. Almost 10 months away still. )