Monday, March 29, 2010

She's Gone CRAZY!

Tom's brother "J" lives in Texas. Since we live in Minnesota, we don't see him very often. And thank God because he has a wife from HELL! I can't stand her. Everything is about her. She is the smartest, prettiest, thinnest, best of the best in the whole wide world! (puke)

So before we booked our wedding we cleared it with all family members and made sure they knew we wanted a destination wedding, etc. (We also told everyone we would pay for everyone's airfare!!!) She is the only one in either family with a child. (She'll be almost 2 at the wedding) We told her that they are free to bring her and stay at Beaches (the family friendly resort tied to Sandals). She told us "no, I don't want to being her out of the country. But she can stay with my family." Ok, great! Later she changed her mind because she can't possibly leave her kid for 4 nights. So then the plan was for her to stay home and her husband (Tom's brother) would come to the wedding alone and share a room with his dad. That has been the plan now for 3 months. Until last Friday...

She decided to IM me over facebook chat and asked, "When is your MN reception going to be? And when are you going to the courthouse?"

I told her that we're undecided on the MN reception due too cost and there won't be a courthouse wedding because Jamaica is the real, legal deal.

So she said, "Oh, I guess we can't be a part of your wedding then."

And I asked, "Isn't "J" coming to Jamaica? He was supposed to share a room with his dad?"

And she said (and this is a direct quote!) "I don't think that's fair of him to take a trip in paradise without his wife.......and I am not taking our kid out of the country-and it's not an option to just leave her behind for that long-while we're out of the country. So no he's no going. we've been going around and around about this since you guys first mentioned it.
that's really the only option at this point is to opt out and not have him go either."

So I asked why her hubby didn't man up and tell my fiance that he's not coming himself?

"maybe he's holding out that i'll change my mind and let him go. But I won't. It's def. been an issue at our home for the last 4 months and the next 7 and beyond I'm sure--thanks guys for that, causing trouble between us."


She went on to tell me how NOBODY is happy about Jamaica and she is the only one with enough balls to tell me. I'm rude and selfish for asking people to go all the way to Jamaica, it would be a better wedding in MN, she can't believe I would ever ask this of his family, I'm such a bitch, blah blah blah. Too bad she signed offline while I was typing my response...

I am LIVID. I don't remember the last time I have been so mad! Tom is supposed to call his brother tonight and ask him if he's really not coming or what. I'm also making him call him mom and dad and make sure they are still ok with Jamaica. I am 95% sure she is nothing but a bitch and is just trying to cause trouble, but I want to know for sure.

I don't know what to do about this woman. She was supposed to stay at my house this summer for a few days when they come up to visit. But I told Tom she is NOT welcome in my house. His brother can come see it (but I know she won't "let" him) and he is free to hang out with them all he wants. But I won't be there. And she won't be in my house. Period.


Nicole said...

What a *#@! I can't believe her. I don't even know what to say. But your fiances bro needs to tell you guys so she can stop upsetting you! And u won't have to talk to her anymore! Hang in there :)

SG said...

What a bitch! I think your fiance needs to have a little chat with his brother about this situation b/c that's ridiculous. Sounds like something my sister in law would say unfortunately.

Jenni said...

Wow....I am so sorry....
but think about it this way...when you picture your wedding in your head, do you really see the people around you? I know in my head I only see me and my fiance. We are the only two people who matter. Beyond that, i would love for people to share the day with us, but really the only thing that matters is that the two of us love our day and know that it's what we want to do to make us happy. Don't sweat the relatives, and don't allow them to make you feel bad. If you have anymore problems just respond saying that you would love if they were there, but that if they can't make it you understand. This is about the two of you and what makes you happy, and noone else. If they insist to fight just don't answer. There is no reason for a bride to have more stress on herself. People who do that to you are just asking for a fight.
Best of luck darling, I know your wedding will be beautiful and the two of you will love every moment of it!

Christina said...

OMG, what a bitch! It sort of sounds to me like she's a bit jealous that you're going to have a great wedding in Jamaica! And come on, she's acting like Jamaica is some sort of strange country, people go there all the time with kids I'm sure!

KLC said...

OMG!! Seriously I can't even believe her!!!! I really dont see why she cant leave her kid with FAMILY for a few days... really she's just trying to be a bitch I bet if it were her own little vacation she'd go! And there's NO WAY her husband can't go... thats ridiculous that's his brother getting married! WTF!! Seriously this is just ridiculous,keep us posted! XOXO