Friday, July 9, 2010

For the women

In traditional weddings, the mother's, grandmothes, and important women usually get a corsage. I think they can be really pretty. Like this orchid one.

But at our resort, the price for single corsages START at $42 and goes up from there. That's crazy expensive. So instead I'm giving the women bracelets.

My sister will get this pink one in the middle, with a "J" engraved on the charm. (It also happens to match mine, which is the white one on the end.)

And my mom, grandma, and Mother-in-law will get this cuff bracelet in a color that matches their dress.

It ended up being about half the cost to get bracelets over fresh flowers, and now they can keep them forever!


KLC said...

what a great idea!!! so much better than wasting money on the flowers. These bracelets will be such a great keepsake for years to come!!

SG to SP said...

I bought those same bracelets! The ones I got were in pink for our two jr. bridesmaids. They loved them!

The cuffs are a great idea!

jacin said...

wow, really great idea!!