Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stay-at-home wife

I recently went down to a .9 at work. I work 5 days one week, then 4 days the next. Eventually, I will be down to 4 days every week. I don't really like my job and having an extra day off will really help with my sanity. Tom is also 100% ok with me dropping a day because he can see how much happier I am. I also have time to do all the housework/errands I put off on the weekends because we have better things to be doing!

Eventually (as in once we have a baby) the plan is for me to stop working all together. (if we can swing it financially.) I don't make a lot of money, so I would basically be working just to pay for daycare. If I had a job that I enjoyed and got something out of, it would be worth it to keep working. But I don't like my job, it stresses me out, and I would much rather be at home with my children.

I have absolutely nothing against women who work and have children. I don't think there is anything wrong with that and I don't think it "damages" the children in any way. But my mom was a single mom and she had to work a lot. She missed out on so much because of this. I still remember being upset because she could never come on my field trips, or come into class to help. Or never really having dinner all together as a family. She did what she had to do...but I really wish I would have had my mom around more when I was growing up. And I don't want to miss those things in my future children's lives. I want to be there for all the plays, games, homework projects, etc. I guess I feel bad for WANTING to stay at home....And I would also need some balance because I don't want to turn into someone who never sees adults or gets a life outside of her children/home either. And what happens if I get bored or regret not working outside of the home? Ugh...decisions... At least I have another 1-2 years to think about it before I have to make a decision!

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Mel said...

Hi I just came from Busy Wifes blog b/c we are in the same boat about enjoying being at home.

Good Luck!