Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Reached my breaking point

I told off SIL and it felt SO DAMN GOOD! ha!

What brought it on was last Sunday when we were visiting Tom's dad. His dad started bringing up the wedding mess, asking us why Tom's brother isn't coming to the wedding. We told him, AGAIN, that it isn't up to us. SIL is the one "forbidding" him from going. His dad kept going on and on about it! He sat down and told me that SIL was saying stuff about me behind my back when she was there and that she told Tom's dad she "didn't know" why I don't like her. She also said they weren't invited to our wedding. REALLY?! That is a flat out LIE. She has said so many awful, horrible things. Her actions have proven that she is an evil human being.

And I lost it.

(I do have to add that after she visited on Memorial weekend and caused all that drama by saying I couldn't go to the zoo and Tom had to go alone if he wanted to see his brother and niece, Tom called her a few days later. He told her he wanted to talk it out, and resolve our issues. That was a month ago. She never called him back.)

So.......I sent her a text that said, "Tom called you a month ago wanting to talk to you to hopefully resolve whatever we have going on. But you don't even have the decency to call him back? That shows you don't give a shit about making this better so Tom and joel can have a normal relationship without having to worry if you will pull something psycho like banning me from a public zoo. Then I find out you don't have the balls to talk to me, you run your mouth behind my back like a coward. You wanted Bob (toms dad) to find out why I don't like you? You are a complete psycho bitch and have been from day #1. I have NO respect for you. And the fact that you won't let Joel go to his own brothers wedding, to be out of your grip for 3 short days, further proves how controlling and evil you are. I'm honestly saddened by the fact that I will share a last name with you in 6 months."

She had it coming. I couldn't hold it in anymore. I was so sick of people telling me "that's just how she is, she has always been a bitch, just ignore her, let it go." NO MORE! Why let her continue to ruin people's lives? Screw that. She deserved everything I said to her. And I needed to tell her for my own sanity. I was so stressed over keeping everything inside when it came to her. And I really do feel better.

Of course she texted me back and said that she is a "grown up" and can decide who and when her and her family will spend time with someone. And she chooses not to spend time with me. And it was MY FAULT tom didn't get to see his brother and niece at the zoo because I should have "let" tom go to the zoo alone. (NEVER ONCE did I tell tom he couldn't go without me. It was 100% his choice not to go if I wasn't welcome.) She told me to "stop making a big deal out of it" and that I should just let Tom see them alone from now on. (including taking a weeks vacation time and going down to Texas without me?! I don't think so.)

I told her that she needs to accept me as a package deal just like we all have to accept her and deal with her because she is married to Tom's brother.

Her answer? That I was psycho if I thought that was going to happen. And the only way Tom will ever see his brother or niece again is if I'm not in the picture.

Well that sums it up. Tom's brother called Tom and started bitching to him about what I said to SIL. But I am proud to say Tom stood by me 10000%. We are united when it comes to this. But hey, I guess I don't have to worry about seeing her anytime soon, huh? YAY!

P.S. It floors me that this happened. Never once did I do anything, or say anything bad to her. (before now, obviously) There was never any "bad blood" between us until I got engaged and she started trying to ruin my wedding. WTF.


BBRUNER7 said...

Good for you girl!! Im sorry that you have to deaL with that crap and Im glad that you aren't putting up with it and that Tom stood behind you!

jacin said...

good for you!!!! i can feel your anxiety start to go away towards the end of the post. you don't need to deal with this crap right now!!!

Nicole said...

Oh my goodness! What a troll!!! So happy you said what you had to! and even more happy that your fiancée has your back! Its terribly sad that his bro wont be there but geesh he needs to uhmmm GROW A PAIR! geez priorities people! Ok I am done!


I love that I started following you when we both had big question marks on our heads about when we would tie the knot and now we both are!!! =D