Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My B-pic experience

Last Saturday was my boudoir session. I was super nervous the closer and closer it got. I've heard so many girls say their B-pics made them feel so confident, beautiful, and sexy. Um, not me! Other than the fact that I had my makeup and hair done really well, nothing about this experience made me feel sexy.

I will start by saying, I do not have my pictures back yet. I have no clue how they turned out. I'm hoping once I see them (assuming they turned out well) I will then feel beatiful. However, I'm only going to write about the actual taking of the pictures for now and I will review again once I get my pictures.

So when I got to the hotel I was stuck in a very crowded elevator with my two bags of lingerie and high heels. Can you say awkward?! I felt like a hooker! haha! Anyway, I made it into the hotel room and met my photographer for the first time. (she will also be our wedding photographer) She was nice and did make me feel comfortable. She was down-to-earth and had some music playing. I felt very comfortable around her.

Then it came time to change. UGH. No matter what, it is hard and very uncomfortable to wear lingerie in front of a stranger if you're not proud of your body. But I really had no choice by that point, I had to do it! It was hot in that room and I was really nervous so I was really sweating!! (not very sexy!) I spent the next hour posing in weird positions with a camera in my face. Let me tell you, it was a WORKOUT! Holding my legs up, sucking in my stomach, pushing the ta-tas out, etc. (I ended up super sore the next day--and I do workout! I'm not terribly out of shape--It was just using and flexing muscles I don't use very often!) I didn't have any time to think, "I'm so sexy, I feel amazing." Because instead I was thinking, "suck in your stomach, man it's hot in here, I hope these pics turn out ok, am I really doing this?! etc etc etc."

I was so glad when it was over and I could go home and EAT! It was 1:30pm by this point and all I had to eat that day was a cup of coffee! I made my fiance take me out to lunch and I splurged! :) (That was my favorite part of my B-pic experience so far!)

So in review, the actual picture taking part of it was stressful, and I didn't really feel "sexy." Oh, and it was HOT (as in the temperature!) but I think she got some good shots and I can't wait to see them. I have a feeling once I see the pictures THEN I will feel beautiful. But would I do B-pics again even though I didn't really enjoy getting the pictures taken? Yes. It did help with my confidence and I do think I will get some nice pictures out of it.

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