Thursday, September 2, 2010

Birthday Recap

Tom's 29th birthday weekend was very fun, but it went by super fast!

The birthday boy!

We started off by heading about 2 hours away to a little hotel right on a lake. It was a super cute little hotel and we had a nice view of the lake! We unpacked our stuff and headed into town to pick up some drinks and to have some dinner. Then we headed out on a charter fishing trip.
Our boat

The fishing was pretty fun. Tom caught two walleyes. (One was too big to keep.) We both like fishing but it's hard to go when you live in the middle of a huge city with no access to a lake close by. We also went out fishing the next morning. It was SUPER windy! There were huge waves that were spilling over the side of the boat and it was so rocky I really thought I was going to be sick!! *note to self, bring motion sickness meds when we go fishing in Jamaica!!! *

After that we headed to a water park for the afternoon and spent the rest of it just floating down the lazy river. :)

Our last trip was a dinner cruise down a river. And by this point I was SO SICK OF WATER AND BOATS! Haha!!

Dinner cruise boat

Us :)

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