Thursday, September 23, 2010

Single digits--99 days!

We are down to 99 days left until the wedding! We started with 365 days, an entire YEAR and somehow we've already lost 266 of those days?! holy cow! And I know the next 99 will go even faster than the rest! I'm already shocked that it will be October in a week!

I also have to get my dress in for my fittings soon. I keep putting it off. For some reason I'm "scared" to get my dress fitted because that makes it so "Real" and that scares me. Oh well, It will have to be done in about another month or so like it or not.

I also got our sand ceremony kit yesterday and I love it. (picture below.) I don't have a lot of things left to do. Almost everything is done. Which is both good and bad. I'm reeeeeally nervous to get married. It's only getting worse the closer the wedding gets. However, I only get to be engaged for so long. I only get to be a bride planning her wedding once. So I'm really trying to enjoy it before it's all over!

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