Sunday, December 7, 2008


I need new girlfriends. The bf and I moved about 3 hours away from our families/friends about 1.5 years ago. It's close enough that we can easily drive home for a long weekend, but it's far enough away that we don't see them every month.

Most of my friends who stayed "up north" are now married, with 1-2 children. They have no interest in travel, careers, or the newest electronics. Their lives are a lot simpler than mine. (I graduated with a class of 40 some students. It's a tiny town with a small-town way of life and narrow views.) I don't want to sound like a snob, but I wouldn't be happy staying there. I wanted more from my life.

Anyway, I'm getting off topic. My point is, I don't have anything in common with these women anymore. We've drifted apart. Not only that, but they all live 3 hours away and it's not like I can call them up last minute on a Friday night and ask them to go to happy hour, ya know?

I work with women all old enough to be my mother/grandmother. I'm sorry, but I can't really be "friends" with these women either. And while the bf and I do go out with some guys he works with and their gfs/wives every now and then, I'm not close to these women. Who would have thought it would be so hard to meet new friends?! I've always met my friends at school or work. And now that I don't have that option, I'm finding it really hard to make a good, close network of girlfriends.

I'm getting pretty lonely. But how in the heck do I meet people?! I can't really walk up to someone in the bookstore and say, "Will you be my friend?" Wow. Lame.

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