Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sweet 16

It was my little sister's sweet 16 party last Saturday. Her party was supposed to be from noon until 4pm. I got a text around 5pm saying, "nobody came."

That little text was like a punch in my gut. My sister isn't the most popular, but I thought she had a few friends anyway. She invited 5 people. Two of them said they were too busy shopping and, "lost track of time." (bullshit) Two others, who are sisters, said their sister's party was the same day (it was) and the time got changed at the hotel because they had to go with their mom to check in. This is the only story I believe. The last girl that was invited? She never called, never texted, nothing. Just didn't show. Nice. 16 year olds can be real bit*hes sometimes! I felt horrible for her. I called her and did all I could to tell her that high school is so lame anyway, and she doesn't need friends who treat her that way, blah blah blah. But the fact of the matter is, nobody came to her 16th birthday party and I'm pretty sure that will hurt her for a very long time.

Speaking of family, I am heading home to spend Christmas with the family tomorrow. I'm half way excited. There is always drama which I would like to avoid this year if possible. My brother got a puppy last night. His name is Dante. He is a black lab/pitt bull mix. So at least I will get a new puppy to love on while I'm there!!

I got my present from my boyfriend last night. It was a Sony digital camera with a 3.5" touchscreen! It's pretty cool, much better than my 2 year old Kodak POS. So hopefully I will get some great pictures of Dante! :)

I'm praying I don't gain any weight over the next 4 days. But there will be lots of food and booze (as always!) I'm down about 27-28 pounds now. And I'm so scared of gaining it back. I know an extra cookie and glass of egg nog won't make me gain 28 pounds back. But I've worked so hard to lose that weight and I just want to make sure I keep it off. Hell, I've still got another 13 pounds to lose before I make my final goal. (although it shouldn't be too hard to keep my calories low at the bf's mom/dad's house. I don't really like the food they make anyway so I can get away with only eating a little bit of it "because of my diet." hehe)

Merry Christmas!!!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your weightloss! That's fabulous!!!