Friday, December 12, 2008


I've been receiving numerous Christmas cards in the mail lately. All of them written to...

T & D *insert boyfriend's last name here*

We are NOT married. And I don't know why OUR FRIENDS WHO KNOW THIS send us mail addressed to us as if we were. He has his own last name, and so do I! When I sent Christmas cards, I sent it with both last names on it if the couple wasn't married. I don't know why this bothers me, but it does. I am my own person, I have my own name. Don't get lazy and tack on the boyfriend's last name to me. Until he gets the balls to ask me to marry him, I am not to be addressed as his wife, his Mrs, or D *boyfriend's last name* period. Thank you.

At work today they were collecting money to buy my boss a Christmas gift. I was told by my co-workers that it is optional. After all, we know money is tight, and if someone can't afford the $20 they were asking for, they shouldn't have to. Right?

I guess not.

Listen folks, I am poor. And I don't really like my boss to begin with. So IF I had an extra $20 sitting around I would spend it on my own family thankyouverymuch. But I figured, I had a $5 bill in my wallet, I could at least give that, right? They wouldn't TURN DOWN what I could afford?

Again, I guess not.

A nurse came out with a list with every one's name on it and she crossed you off if you gave her $20. She came up to me IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE OFFICE and asked me why I hadn't given her the money yet. I felt on the spot, so I replied, "I only have $5 on me. I will gladly give that to you right now. It must have slipped my mind." She then said, "$5 isn't enough. We are asking for TWENTY. If you don't have the cash, write me a check instead." I said that I'm a little short on cash this year...I stumbled around...I was put on the spot! My God I needed to fork over $20 to the crazy woman or I was afraid she would change my name badge to "cheap ass" or something! So she got all pissed and said, "Fine. Write a check for half the amount, you CAN afford $10 right?!"

All I could do was slink away and give her the check for $10.

Now look, I don't want to be cheap. It is the season for giving. But I'm a single girl (bf and I don't combine finances obviously) and times are tight right now. Wouldn't you take the damn $5 I offered and be done with it? I can't believe how RUDE she was. Obviously her mom never taught her that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Thankfully my co-workers said she was pushy and b*tchy as soon as she left and I shouldn't have been pressured into donating to a supposedly "optional" gift collection. Whatever.

Needless to say, I felt horrible the rest of the day. Like I'm a bad person or something.

Bah Hum Bug!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I fucking hate how people exchange gifts at work... dude, I don't want to give gifts! SAVE YOUR COFFEE MUG! I don't even drink coffee! Sheesh! Like seriously, exchanging presents at work makes me feel SO uncomfortable! It's not about being cheap... I just don't feel close enough to anyone to give them a present, plus, I don't know what the hell to buy them! UGH! Why on earth people feel the need to constantly buy presents is beyond me... save your $20.00!