Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Which is DIET DAY!

Summer is now over. We are moved into our house (for the most part). There aren't any birthdays, parties, or holidays anytime in the next two months. I am out of excuses. I have lost and gained the same 3 pounds all summer long. I started my diet today--once and for all! A year and a half ago when I decided to lose weight, it seriously was a "lifestyle change." I started getting regular exercise, added in more veggies, less crap and voila, I lost weight. Now that I weigh less, the weight isn't coming off like it was before. It's time for an actual diet to lose this last 10 pounds. I need to stay around 1200 calories a day, everyday. My goal is to reach my final weight by Halloween. I know I can do it, but it is going to be hard. I'm already starving. But I would MUCH rather be strict for a month and a half and finally by done losing weight. I'm ready to go shopping and buy more than 2 pairs of jeans because I'm not going to be changing sizes anymore!

I'll post my weekly weight loss every Wednesday. It's now dubbed "weigh-in Wednesday!"

Wish me luck!


Morgan said...

Goodluck, dieting is the hardest thing a women can least for my food loving self! :)

Andy said...

Good luck!

Honestly, I am in the same situation as me. THe 10 pounds from 135 to 125 were "Easy" for me, because my body had them as an "extra". I'm trying to keep the same healthy food, BUT putting in MORE exercise.