Monday, September 14, 2009

High Blood Pressure

You know how when you're younger getting "old" feels so far away? You don't have to worry about sagging boobs, gray hair, under eye wrinkles, or eating healthy? (FYI: All of those I am dealing with--at 24!)

Well today was another--high blood pressure. My blood pressure is always normal, or even low. Tom's has always been slightly high. Today he went to the doctor for an allergy test and they wouldn't even give him the shots because his blood pressure was TOO HIGH! AT 28! It was 160/110! That's INSANE! "heart attack" range we're talking about! Anything over 140/95 is considered high blood pressure and medication is needed! So I dragged his butt to the drug store to test it again. He claims he was just nervous being at the doctor's office. They call it "white coat syndrome." So we go there and mine was 117/75. His? 154/100!! Still very, very high! We walked around the store, tested it again, still high!

He's going to test it every day after work. If it stays that high, he's going to the doctor to go on some meds. In the mean time I'm cutting out red meat, butter, salt, fat, etc. I already try to eat a low fat healthy diet. Tom? Um, not so much! He loves fatty red meat covered in butter & salt. Except now I have a real reason to nag him. His dad had a stroke with he was in his late 30's. No way am I letting Tom mess around with this. was simpler when we were kids. Now I get to take away all the good food from Tom's diet AND he gets to deal with my saggy boobs. What does the boy have left to live for?! Haha


Andy said...

Wow! That's high! But he could also be "hyper-reactive", which means any LITTLE situation (fear, sadness, happiness) brings his blood pressure UP.

Anyway, he DOES need to go to see a doctor if this is the case!

Whitney said...

So I just started reading you blog and I LOVE it!! I feel the same way sometimes about evel exes... though my boyfriend was never engaged and I am the first girl he's ever taken home, I still hate exes and sometimes get a little crazy and check texts/emails/facebook! Glad to know I'm not the only one... LOL

I hope Tom's blood pressure goes down-- it must be scary!! Send prayers and thoughts your way!!