Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Great Deals

It is now officially fall! Yes!! It's my favorite time of year. I love decorating my home for Halloween, pumpkins, cooler weather, EVERYTHING!

Last weekend I hit up some garage sales and got a white ceramic cow creamer for 10 CENTS! I also got an original "Pig Mania" game for FREE! Has anyone played this game? It's awesome! Then today I got a 5' tall scare crow for my front yard for $5.99 at Michaels and tons of cute decorations for $1 each at the dollar store! I'm so excited to pull out the huge bin I have of Halloween decorations and start putting them up! :) I also got two dresses from Forever 21 for 5.99 each! Yay for summer clearance! We are also FINALLY getting our cabinets in on Monday! Although, we can't afford counter top yet...but at least we're finally getting there! I will be so happy to have a kitchen again! I actually miss cooking! And washing dishes in the bathtub is a major PITA!

Oh yeah, I'm also currently in 1st place in the fantasy football league. Eat that, boys! ha ha ha!

I'm off to go give Rex a bath. He's one dirty pup!

P.S. "Weigh in Wednesday" got missed last week. I had lost 2 pounds...until evil Aunt F came into town and I gained it right back. And have yet to lose it again. UGH! Will this ever end?! :( I got back on track today. I don't know what my problem is! I lost over 40 pounds already! Why is this last 10 driving me insane?!


Morgan said...

I love Michaels..they always have great fall decorations! Sorry to hear about the 2lb gain, but if I had to guess I would think it was fluid weight. When AF comes I always tend to get kind of swollen like in my hands and stuff and tend to be a few pounds heavier! Hang in there!

Andy said...

Wow! I need to go find some places with clearances in Strasbourg soon. I'll buy summer dresses and all and save them for next year ;)