Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Well, summer is officially over! I'm kinda sad that it went so fast, but fall is totally my favorite season so I'm excited for that! This weekend we went camping and on a brewery tour. The tour was actually really fun. And the beer sampling was even more fun. ;) After the tour we went to this tiny hole-in-the-wall and I had the best burger ever! Can't beat the small town food and a 1/2lb burger and fries for $6.00!!!

We went camping at a state park. It was okay, not the most fun campground ever but it's less than 5 minutes from town which is nice because you can easily drive into town for coffee in the morning and dinner at night. There was a really nice pool there, but we never made it there. :( I love camping, but our air mattress has a hole in it so we didn't bring it. We figured we could sleep on the ground. I always slept on the ground in sleeping bags when I was growing up... Apparently I can't do that anymore! It was AWFUL! The ground was soooo hard. I tossed and turned all night and got no sleep. Then I woke up so sore it hurt to bend my ankle! We decided to leave one night early in favor of sleeping in our own bed at home. We will definitely be fixing that air mattress before any camping trips next summer! The park ranger was kinda rude, too. All these other dogs were running OFF a leash, Rex was on one and she stopped and made us shorten it to only 6 feet. You're serisouly going to make our dog stay on a 6 foot leash all weekend?! That's leaving him no room at all! Oh well, that was right before we were going to leave anyway.

The Schell brewery

Me outside the mansion built in the late 1800's

Tom sampling some brews

Rex making some friends down by the river

Enjoying the outdoors

Us at our campsite

Site # 11

That's how we ended our summer. Fall, here I come!


Morgan said...

YAY for fall! I always say that but then towards the middle of fall I'm ready for summer again already!

Sorry you had such a miserable time sleeping..but I don't blame ya! I couldn't sleep on the ground, my back would be killing me the next morning!

Your dogs are so freaking cute!!

LissaMarie said...

i feel mixed emotions about summer ending as well, but at least you ended it enjoying yourself ! =] The brewery looks like a fun time and camping look like even more fun! i've never been camping, but i've always wanted to go..