Friday, November 20, 2009

Livin' for the weekend

It's Friday! I feel like I am always going through the motions and just trying to get through the week to get to the weekend. I feel like I'm a robot during the week. Doing the same thing day after day, not really enjoying anything. I guess that's what happens when you dislike your job. It's so boring and I don't feel important or get to use my brain hardly at all. I dread coming to work. Can someone just tell me what I am meant to do with my life?? That would be so much easier!

My weigh-in wasn't as great as I wanted this morning. Oh well, a loss is a loss I guess...

Nov 6: -2
Nov 13: +1
Nov 20: -0.5

Total: -1.5

I have noticed my clothes fit better and my fitness has improved a ton since I got my treadmill a month ago. I've been working out about 4-5 days a week ever since and I can tell a difference! At any rate, I have no choice but to keep plugging along. (And I'm a little scared my weigh-in next week is the day after Thanksgiving! Yikes!)


Kristin said...

I so need to get off my butt and work out again. I haven't since I got back from a bach party almost 2 weeks ago. EEEK! Duluth is such a pretty place. I love it down by the water!

Jenni said...

Good for you!!! I need to jump into gear! I'm lazily getting back into working out. :)

Whitney said...

Oh my god. Did I write your first paragraph because I SWEAR it could be me! EEK!

Congrats on the .5 lost. Try and remember your weight fluctuates. It's not about the # it's about how you feel about yourself and your bod! xxx

Allyson said...

Congrats on the weight loss! *happy dance*

~Dawn~ said...

Sorry, I got ya all excited and then left out the info... BFAds dot net is the site.
I wasn't sure how to post it on my blog without being tracked down by weirdos and I just did it! sweet!
Enjoy -- it's the best!

Mom on the Run said...

I have learned to celebrate every -.1 loss because a loss is loss.

At least you are working out. I just got back on that horse this week. Maybe we should motivate and check in with each other :)