Friday, November 6, 2009


So I didn't make it very long on the no-scale thing. I cheated this morning. but good news, since Monday I've lost 2 of the 5 lbs I gained last week. I'm back on the right track! :) I will plan to weigh-in again next Friday.

My dog also loves other dogs. It's crazy. He can't get enough of them! Sometimes he gets himself in trouble when he's on walks because not every dog in the world is as friendly as he is... Haha. We have also been having some separation anxiety issues with him when we are at work. So.....

We decided to get another dog! (Only for Rex, of course!) :)

We have been looking all week. Going to the shelter, checking the paper, etc. Every time we saw a dog at the shelter we liked, they were gone before we got there. I also e-mailed about a rescue dog, and never heard anything back. Finally I found the perfect little girl puppy in the paper. I called this morning and she was still available! I said we would take her for sure. And we now have a meeting to get her tomorrow at 1pm! The only bad thing is, we have to drive 2 hours to pick her up... And I have to take Tom out to dinner tonight because of it. (I had to bribe him to drive, Haha.) But we will have the sweet little puppy tomorrow afternoon! (Again, she's to keep Rex company all day...Also maybe because I have always wanted a little girl yorkie-poodle!)
here is the picture of her they had in the online version of the paper!
(She doesn't have a name yet...)


Nicole said...

How Flippin Cute!! =D Congrats on your new addition =D

~Dawn~ said...

Goodness Gracious!! If there is a litter of them, send me one!!
Enjoy your new little fur-baby. She's going to be all "yours". She looks like a mommy's girl.