Thursday, November 12, 2009

TMI Thursday

I've never written a TMI Thursday post before. But today is PERFECT timing!

Let me start by saying I hate being a woman sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I love high heels, lipstick, and mascara. But periods, cramps, & bloating? I can live without those! My cycle is not regular at all. It never has been. I'm even on birth control (even tried different types!) and it STILL comes whenever it flipping wants. It's kind of annoying because I can never know when aunt Flow will come to town.

She came a week early, showing up yesterday. I had the worst cramps I've had in a LONG time. I haven't had cramps this bad since I was 14 or so? I was doubled over at my desk in pain. It hurt so much it took my breath away at times! I took 4 advil in order to dull the pain somewhat. It has also been about 5x heavier than normal. I feel like I'm back in 8th grade and I have to run to the bathroom every hour to keep things under control! This is NOT normal and I have no idea why it's so heavy and so painful! It was so bad this morning I thought I might have to go to the doctor because I was bleeding so much so fast! It's a little better now...but my gosh! I thought this is why I went on birth control (other than the obvious reason!) why does my body still think it can do whatever the hell it wants all the time?! It also worries me about my fertility. I know I've said I'm nervous it will be hard for me to get pregnant because when I'm not on birth control, I can go months without a period and then when I do get one, it will be hell like this month. And now I'm even on birth control and it's STILL irregular! I've tried different types and nothing totally works, the one I'm on now seems to be the best I've tried...

Anyway, I wish my bf would feel the cramps I was having yesterday. They just have no clue how bad they can get! :(

Also, I know I wasn't supposed to weigh-in until tomorrow, but I cheated and looked today. It showed I gained those 2 pounds back that I lost last week. I KNOW that's not "real." considering what my body is dealing with right now...but it still sucked to see that number back. I wasn't as strict with my calories this week as I could have been, but I still counted calories and worked out 4 days this week. There is no way the scale should have showed a 2lb gain! (other than stupid, flipping, Aunt F!) Sigh. I better have a great number next week!


LissaMarie said...

=[ i feel for you. aunt flo is my least favorite part of being a girl- i get the worst cramps and get crabby and feel like complete crap when she comes to town. you should lay down with a hot pat on your tummy that normally helps the cramps subside a bit for me...hope you feel better hun :)

Whitney said...

Aw, I'm sorry! I am on and off with bad periods... some times they are SO flippin' bad and sometimes they are nothing at all! BLAH- hate being a girl! Someday I want to boy to have a period so he knows what it is like!